Armada Medical Centre is committed to using a consistent and systematic approach to hiring qualified staff members through a fair and merit based process.

Prospective candidates should email or visit Armada Holding Careers for further information.

Fraudulent Employment Disclaimer

It has come to Armada Medical Centre’s attention that individuals misrepresenting themselves as Armada Medical Centre’s agents or representatives have offered fraudulent employment opportunities with the intent to steal personal information or solicit money from people wanting to work for us.

As a standard operating procedure; Armada Group’s Human Resource Division is not dealing with any third party agents or manpower and consultancy firms for its recruitment needs.

Armada Medical Centre directs potential employees to apply directly through our Armada Group’s HRD team via email address

One of Armada Medical Centre’ core values is integrity and we want to help potential employees avoid this scam.

Armada Medical Centre would never ask a potential employee for money as a term of employment or to pay for application/visa processing fees.

If you receive a fraudulent employment request/offer, kindly save the message and send it to your local law enforcement agency. You may also contact us through the email address

Kindly beware of job scams and desist to deal with fraudulent firms.

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