Chairman’s Message

Armada Group has become one of the largest, privately held investment companies in the UAE, reflecting the growing confidence of our partners and investors over the years.

Our view of investing can be best described as opportunistic. We look for projects that provide above average investment returns and which also have a strategic value. We place a strong emphasis on doing business with quality management teams that have successful track records and unique concepts. Armada is not a passive capital partner. We believe our experienced professionals can add substantial value to the partnerships with which we are.
involved, in a number of different ways. The people who constitute Armada have:
* strong operating backgrounds in investment assets and capital markets;
* special skills and relationships with debt and equity sources;
* an incentive to be responsive and to act quickly to new investment opportunities; and
* a time horizon substantially different than most institutional-caliber investors.

We believe Armada can provide an unusual mix of capital and experience to investments which varies from real estate to hospitality and medical services.  If you believe that you are associated with an opportunity which could be of mutual interest, the management team at Armada Group will be very pleased to hear from you.

The UAE property development and hospitability sectors are already amongst the fastest growing in the world and in the coming decades, is likely to emerge as one of the largest in the world and is set to witness an enormous growth rate.

The diversion of funds from the western capital markets to the emerging economies, especially those maturing markets in the GCC for a higher and safe return have also boosted the sentiment in the local and regional real estate sector. This trend will see the real estate market grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come.

Armada Group firmly believes that it is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the increased need for excellence in real estate and Medical Services.

We are at Armada have strong values: performance, audacity, courage, creativity, solidarity, and ensuring that the development of our Group is integrated into a strategy of strong, sustainable and profitable growth. At the same time maintaining investor confidence and trust which has become increasingly important in today’s global business environment.

Whatever your reason for dealing with Armada Group, we aim to earn your trust and confidence – through integrity in conduct and excellence in performance and by constantly nurture our commitment to maintaining the highest quality of work and client service and committed to the pursuit of excellence, and we will continue evaluating ways to strengthen our policies and practices to promote the interests of our investors, clients, partners, employees and the countries and communities in which we operate.

Dr. Mohammed Rahif  Hakmi, Bsc (Civil Engineering), PhD. (Structural Engineering)


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