Healthy Ramadan !!
Guidelines for Healthy food

Tip 1) Eat well at Suhoor & Ifar which are the two main meals of the day in the holy month of Ramadan.
Tip 2) Try to have a late Suhoor ( before dawn) , this is the most important meal of the day just like a usual breakfast. Be generous to include fruits, milk & a cereal here. You can try smoothies, eggs, whole wheat bread sandwiches etc.
Have a hearty, nourishing Suhoor.
Tip 3) Break your fast early with dates & water. Followed by a cup of milk / glass of fresh juice. Pray “Magreb” & continue with your meal.
Tip 4) Avoid eating spicy, fatty, or salty foods that will make you thirsty in the night.
Tip 5) Traditional desserts at the evening meal should be eaten two hours after opening the fast in small quantities. Prefer milky puddings with low fat milk and less sugar. Serve yourself, your family, and guests a “dessert” of fresh fruit and nuts. There are lovely choices available in this season, and they are much healthier.
Tip 6) Drink sufficient water between Iftar and sleep to re-hydrate & replenish water loss.
Tip 7) Try to take a power nap / rest towards the end of the day just before Iftar.
Tip 8) Don’t exercise when you are fasting. One should exercise either before Suhour or 2 hours after Iftaar . To maintain your fitness it is recommended to exercise or brisk walk four to five times a week in Ramadan.
Tip 9) Practice YOGA , stretching exercises, deep, slow, rhythmic breath techniques.
Tip 10) Don’t rush to start eating, or eat fast. Leisurely relish your food.
Tip 11) If you have any medical problem, consult your physician before fasting.
Tip 12) In the day brush your teeth & use floss.