According to recent research the risk for heart disease doubles for women who enter menopause early, women who go through menopause before age 45 have a two to threefold risk of heart disease. Women who have their ovaries removed before age 35 have a sevenfold risk. If you’re older than 35 but still younger than 40, your risk is a only bit lower — about twice the chance of developing heart disease.

In fact, whether you’ve gone through a surgical or natural premature menopause, you’re at a higher risk of heart disease than women who have gone through menopause at the average age.

Especially if the early menopause is combined with one or more of the traditional cardiovascular disease risk factors:
1- Diabetes
2- Smoking
3- Obesity
4- Hypertension
5- High LDL
6- Low HDL
7- Family History

Estrogen is the hormone that prevents these cardiac risks. We know that ladies who are premenopausal but still producing hormones are at a significantly lower risk for coronary heart disease, heart attacks and strokes than are post-menopausal women or men of any age .