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Dr. Aprajita Dhanda

Dr. Aprajita Dhanda Specialist - General Dentist Dr. Aprajita Dhanda, General Dentist, graduated from India in 2010. Dr. Aprajita has 10 years of experience in private practices including work in the Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial department.In Dubai since 2016, she has worked long hours and collected a


Dr. Mai Samara

Dr. Mai Samara Specialist - General Dentist Dr. Mai Samara, General Dentist with an honors degree from the University of Sharjah Dental School. Dr. Mai Samara is a well-rounded dentist with experience in all dental disciplines. Dr. Mai Samara has excellent pediatric dentistry skills and can work with


Dr. Arfan Taba

Dr. Arfan Taba (DDS. USA) General Dentist Dr. Arfan Taba is a well-qualified Dentist with over 25 years of experience from California, USA. In his dental practice, he has treated many patients in USA and UAE. Mr. Taba holds a degree in Dental Surgery from Carol Davila


Dr. Ahmed Elsayed

Dr. Ahmed Elsayed General Dentist Dr. Ahmed Elsayed is a General Dentist with 6 years of experience treating dental patients in Egypt and Lithuania and UAE with a DHA Professional License. Dr. Ahmed is a passionate Dentist with extensive experience in oral diagnosis, restorative dental treatment,


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