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Armada Medical Centre, JLT, is one of the leading centers for Aesthetic & Cosmetic treatments in the UAE. Our highly-professional Doctors and friendly team applies state of the art technology and the latest treatment methods ensuring that you are in trustworthy hands and feel comfortable in our care.

With the passage of time, the lips and face tend to lose volume, which results in the skin looking less full and less tight. Fillers are synthetic materials that are injected into the face to increase cheek, lip, or chin volume. Fillers can also be used to decrease the nasolabial fold and to fill in wrinkles in the skin. In some cases, fillers can be utilized to treat the hollows below the eyes.
Fillers effectively reverse visible signs of aging. It can reduce deep wrinkles or expression lines on the face. It can also eliminate crow’s feet near the eyes

The treatment can be done on all skin areas, common areas including the face, neck, neck, back of the hands, and the stomach area.
After the treatment, you can expect increased firmness, elasticity, and overall improved quality of the skin, with the effects lasting 6 months or more. Longevity depends on the degree of correction required, your age and lifestyle, and the proper placement of the product.
Refresher and maintenance treatments may be prescribed depending on your body’s response to the treatment.

Please note, All Cosmetic Treatment Products at Armada Healthcare are Real, Authentic, and certified by the GCC, and MOH, and have FDA Approval.

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