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Get Diagnosed and Treated For Sports Injuries At Armada Healthcare-Dubai

Our sports injury clinic in Dubai offers a full array of services led by leading and reputable specialists in the field who diligently strive to provide excellent healthcare and meet the individual needs of our patients.

Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or simply an active individual, we offer the highest level of care. Specialized physicians utilize the latest treatments and therapies focused on their specific needs. Whether it is general conditioning to keep you in the sport or total rehabilitation following an injury, athletes of all levels are provided expert care at Armada Healthcare.

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Common sports injuries include:
• Partial and complete dislocation of the shoulder: The muscles may spasm due to the dislocation, causing acute pain, and swelling, weakness, numbness and bruising may also be evident.
• Elbow injuries: Overhand throwing causes extreme stress on the elbow and can lead to severe overuse injury. If the elbow is not allowed to heal and used repeatedly, even when the patient is in pain, serious issues can develop over the long term and the risk of dislocation is increased.
• Mallet finger: When a tendon is damaged, a deformity may become apparent in the finger and the patient may not be able to straighten or extend the digit.
• Knee injuries: Collateral Ligament injuries are common amongst football and soccer players. As the knee is the largest and the most complex joint of the body, any sprain or more serious damage can cause long periods of being unable to play.

Common sports players treated at the Armada Healthcare include:
• Triathletes
• Swimmers
• Runners
• Basketball players
• Football players
• Tennis players
• Golfers
• CrossFit enthusiasts

In addition to the above-mentioned mainstream sports, there is a high percentage of the population that participates in extreme sport activities. These include sky diving, kite surfing, and mixed martial arts. Due to the nature and skill of these sports, medical professionals must be well trained to deal with the complexity of injuries that these athletes may incur.


You have access to a sports medicine surgeon who is highly specialized in minimally invasive procedures for all disorders of joints, ligaments, tendons, bones, and muscles.

Our specialized physicians will check your cardio-respiratory and vascular health and will help you build your flexibility, movement, strength, and aerobic fitness based on their observation.

The therapy team works in close contact with our physicians to make your recovery for a range of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders smooth and efficient.

If you sustain a concussion, we will help you to restore flexibility, movement, and strength. Our sports medicine specialists have expertise in baseline testing and post-injury management.
Having the latest equipment, our radiologists provide the complete range of imaging services necessary for all kinds of injuries and conditions.

If you train for a big event, if you recover from an injury, or if you just want to change your lifestyle, our nutrition experts can guide you in this way.

These are more specialized services offered to females depending on the specific stage of pregnancy or recovery. Many modern women now wish to maintain their health and quality of life even after pregnancy. Although the exercises and physical training for during and after pregnancy are well-documented, it requires experienced caregivers to determine training level. Our therapists and doctors closely monitor the progress and suggest a plan based on that.

The first step to recovery is getting the correct diagnosis from a certified sports medicine specialist. Both treatment and rehabilitation are critical to ensure your return to the sport you love.

General Symptoms
• Pain in the joints/muscles
• Weakness in muscles
• Muscle tightness
• Decreased range of motion

If you have joint or muscular pain or injuries to any parts of the body or experiencing any of the symptoms above, and you believe you may have injured yourself, the best course of action is to immediately stop engaging in any physical activity that is causing you pain and you should see a specialist. They will undertake an initial detailed consultation and carry out a thorough physical examination which may include blood tests or diagnostic ultrasound scanning.

Minor injuries sometimes only require a resting period, but there are some cases that need urgent medical care from a specialist.

Armada Healthcare’ Sports injury clinic is specialized in providing excellent medical care and attention to individuals who have sustained a sport injury. We have a team of specialists, comprising physiotherapists and orthopedic surgeons, whose expertise includes management and treatment of various sports injuries and rehabilitation

Our therapists use manual and advanced therapies to help treat sports injuries.

With an individualized care and treatment program, our patients are given the best possible treatment that addresses their specific needs. Our rehabilitation center and specialists help patients heal and recover fully, restore the natural function of their bodies, and learn the best practices to reduce the risk of sports injuries in the future.