The condition in which your thyroid gland is not producing certain essential hormones


Around  5% of the UAE population is suffering from Thyroid disorders

Symptoms and common complaints:


-Increased sensitivity to cold

-Muscle Aches

-Dry Skin

-Joint pain and stiffness


-Weight Gain

-In women; heavy or irregular menstrual Bleeding

-Puffy face

-Depression in some cases

-Thinning or hair loss

-Impaired memory (short term)

-Slow heart rate (Pulse)

-Enlarged Thyroid gland in the neck (Goiter)

Underactive Thyroid is a condition that may not cause Noticeable symptoms in early stages but eventual debilitating health conditions such as, Heart disease, Obesity and Infertility

Approach to Disease:

Accurate Thyroid Function tests are available to diagnose the defect and treatment with synthetic Hormones is usually simple, short term in most cases and effective