Pediatrics and Neonatology

Pediatrics and Neonatology2020-11-12T11:16:45+00:00

We offer high end paediatric care for children, newborn and infant care.

Thru our advance assessment, we give valuable care and advice for sustenance and development.
Our pediatrician will care for all the following but not limited to:

  • Newborn and Infant care (Well Baby Care)

  • Complete Check up especially for School Children

  • Nutritional advice for normal growing child, Obese or poor weight gain kids

  • Developmental and growth screening (Detection and treatment of deviated growth and development in infancy and childhood).

  • Treatment of behavior disorders in children (like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism or anxiety disorder)

  • Active immunization or vaccination program for children and adolescence

  • Pediatric infectious diseases

  • Treatment of skin allergy like Atopic dermatitis, Eczema, and pulmonary disorder like asthma.

  • Pediatric Ear Nose and Throat infection.

  • Monthly discussion for parents in a group about common Pediatric problem and diseases.

Our Pediatrician is open for any question on phone made by the parents about their children.



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