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Facial Fat Reduction

We can not always control how fat tissue is spread in the body.

Diet and exercises may help you to achieve a #body you always dreamed of but due to specific body structure, genetic inheritance or lifestyle, facial fat is known to be very resistant.
Achieve that magical cheekbone definition and contoured jaw line with a simple and quick treatment called buccal fat removal.

Small fatty pads will be removed through a tiny incision in the mouth.

Duration: 25 min
Anesthesia: Local
Pain level: Mild
Scars: No
Post-op recovery: Immediate

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Gynecomastia Offer

Gynecomastia is minimal invasive surgery performed to reduce the size of male breast  and restore its shape.

In most of the cases treatment involves liposuction where a lipo probe, inserted through a tiny key-whole opening, is used to dissolve excessive glandular and fatty tissue and then gently eliminate it from the body.

Procedure is done under local anaesthesia with IV sedation.
Surgery is day – case and has minimal post-operative recovery time.
You will be able to return to your daily routine almost immediately

Evident results will visible after 2 weeks post-operation.

Starting price is 9000 AED