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Food intolerance test

The food intolerance test helps us detect if you have any intolerances to certain food groups. The test uses a blood sample that tests against 213 different food groups which include dairy, meat, grains, nuts, and spices. Gives us an all-around perspective of the food groups that should be avoided in your diet to prevent the symptoms that may appear such as stomach ache, bloating, skin rashes, redness of the skin, and spotting with the exception of anaphylactic shock.
This test has proven results that allow us to reverse certain conditions related to dermatology and gastroenterology and endocrinology.

Free Dietrition Consultation + Specialized Diet Plan @150 aed

Personalized diet plans

Diet plans should always be personalized to the patient’s ultimate goals. Here at armada medical center, all diet plans are tailored to one’s needs and preferences. Calories are calculated and distributed in a way that suits your lifestyle and goals. Allows you to enjoy food from your culture without feeling restricted. a personalized diet plan can easily help you lose your excess weight from fat and help maintain your muscle mass.

Personalized plans are 250 ( 1 month)

Allurion gastric balloon

A program designed to jump-start your weight loss journey requires no Anastasia, endoscopy, or surgery. The program will teach you how to portion control without feeling the urge to binge.
A gastric balloon is an object that occupies 75% of your stomach, which allows you to eat less and promotes you to lose weight. It stays in your stomach for 4-6 months and helps you lose 10-15% of your body weight.
This program supplies you with a smart scale and watches that allows the healthcare professional to track you remotely and follow up with you

Allurion balloon starting 12,000

Sculpting and slimming devices

Coupled with your personalized diet plans you can have a sculpting session which will help promote the breakdown of stubborn fat in areas such as arms, legs, thighs, stomach, and double chin this session can be held once a week to provide maximum effect. 20 % of cases see results within one month of consecutive appointments

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